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21st edition

Best Narrative Short

Everything's Fine

Director: Christina Hulen

Best Documentary Short

The Future of Fashion for All: Creating Safe Spaces

Director: Mei Ling Marzonie

Best Director

Kellie Christensen


Best Actor

Donald Watson

Whitey On the Run

Best Actress

Duvall O'Steen

Body of Christ


Best Cinematography

Francis Kenny

Loganberry Lane

Best Composer

Carlos A Serrano

Late for Work

Best Comedy

George & Marcus

Director: Neill B Barry

Best Experimental

Meet The Earthlings: How to Dine on Earth, Part 1

Director: Laurent Lichtensztajn

Best Animation


Directors: Kristina Schippling, Matthias A. K. Zimmermann

Best Student Film


Director: Benoit Lamarche

Best Indie Film

Middle Finger

Director: Michael Adam Lower

Best Screenplay

'The making of 'Uncle Payback'

Daniel Bodenmann

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