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18th edition



Best Narrative Short 
The Visit
Director: Katharina Sporrer

Best Documentary Short
Destination Angels
Directors: Daniel Lir, Jim Sampas

Best Director 
Another Day
Director: Théophile Mur

Best Actress
Desiree Coleman Jackson
Two Little Fish

Best Producer
Monique Anya Linder
The Juneteenth Story: From Galveston, TX to Minnesota

Best Cinematography 
Ronny Strehmann
Am I the only one?

Best Composer
Maurice Heerdink
Cage of Memories

Best Comedy 
The Wavy Handed God
Director: Zac Gillam

Best Experimental 
Director: Casey Puhr

Best Animation 
The Brave Locomotive
Director: Andrew Pierce Chesworth

Honorable Mention Animation 
The Truth About Giving Homeless People Money
Director: Mark Horvath

Best Science Fiction 
What a Lovely Day!
Director: K.K. Electronics

Best Horror
Out of my Skin
Director: Hannah Fortin

Best Student Film
Dear Stranger
Director: JIA-YUN LIN

Best Indie Film
Director: Armin Alic

Best Screenplay
13 Steps
Writer: Loren Davis

Best Thriller
Long Beach Vice
Director: Skylar Adams

Best Female Director
Run, Chad Run
Director: Nadia Guo

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